How to Tell if You’re a VSCO Girl?

We have all heard about the so-called ‘VSCO girl’. You may have even seen a couple in your daily life or online. However, you may be one yourself and not even realize. Here are four signs you may be a VSCO Girl:

Wears oversized t-shirts and shell necklace

The oversized t-shirt is a signature outfit choice for the VSCO girl. She often pairs it with Nike or jean shorts; however, you would never notice because her shirt is too large. The bigger the better. Of course, she has to top off the outfit with a shell necklace.

Wears Vans, Crocs or Birkenstocks

The VSCO girl has options when it comes to footwear. She is most noted wearing Birkenstocks or Crocs (white or yellow). However, the VSCO girl also struts it in her checkered Vans.

Always has a HydroFlask with friendship bracelets on them.

HydroFlasks are the only fashionable way to go for VSCO girls when it comes to saving the sea turtles. There is no other way to style their HydroFlask other than to add friendship bracelets to the handle.

Can't leave home without scrunchies and hair is always in a messy bun

Another iconic piece to the VSCO girl ensemble is her scrunchies. A true VSCO girl must always have at least two on her at all times. You never know when you might have to throw your hair into a messy bun and then lend a friend one.

HCXO, Kayla

All images courtesy of Google Images​