How to Style Your Fall Fashion as a Teacher

Teachers are known for their everyday, professional look. In today’s world, sometimes current fashion trends can make it hard for stylish educators to stay in dress code. However, just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous every day you strut around the classroom. When I look for outfit ideas, I go straight to Pinterest for inspiration. Here are five outfits to look to for guidance that are fall-inspired, and teacher-approved. 

Focus on the basics with a warm sweater and a neutral skirt.

Pair the outfit with a cute patterned scarf.

Throw a warm-toned cardigan over a basic outfit.

Make your warm sweater the centerpiece of your outfit by adding color and/or stripes.

Or make your pants the center piece and keep your sweater a nuetral color.


HCXO, Kayla

All Images Courtesy of Pinterest