How to Stay Safe on Halloween Night

I love Halloween, being able to dress up and just have a fun night with friends, while eating copious amounts of candy is amazing! While Halloween is meant to be fun, it is still important to stay safe, so if you plan on going on Halloween be sure to keep these tips in mind!

  1. 1. Have a Buddy!

    The buddy system isn't just for kindergarteners! If you're going out it is important have a friend with you. Make sure to periodically check up on your buddy and DO NOT let your buddy leave a party alone, or with a stranger you don't know. Having a friend throughout the night to have fun with and watch you in return is going to make your Halloween night 10 times better!

  2. 2. Know your Limits!

    If you're 21 years old and choose to drink on Halloween, know your limits! If you know you can handle only one or two drinks don't feel like you have to drink more to fit in. Do what you're comfortable with and don't let the party atmosphere peer pressure you into drinking or drinking more than you want!

  3. 3. Be Cautious

    Know your surroundings and be cautious! Halloween means masks and people in costume. If you don't recognize someone while walking home or walking to a party because they're in costume, don't try to come up to them or interact. Leave the situation and find your friends. 

Halloween should be a night of fun, dancing and candy! Remember to use these tips to have a safe and fun Halloween night! 

HCXO, Alanna