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I know that in a time like this, it can be very hard to socially distance from people you love while everything like school and work are being suspended until the COVID-19 storm passes. However, it is best to stay indoors and only leave when necessary, so there aren’t any risks. While many spring break plans and trips have been canceled, there is still a way for friends to get together… THE INTERNET! Thank goodness we all live in 2020 otherwise we’d all be sending letters through the mail. So here are a couple ideas that you and your friends can do via internet:


This might be the most common one off the bat, but spending time talking to those you wish to see really helps. There is so much you can do with this too! You can paint together, karaoke, eat lunch… It’s almost the same as being in person, only just through a screen.

Online Netflix Parties

While Netflix is great alone, how about sharing a movie with your friends?! But how is that possible? Easy! Use this link to create an online Netflix chat on any movie with your friends. It’s a great way changing up movie night!

Childhood Game Sites

This is dedicated to my friends Abigael, Brooke, and Erin because one day we all were on a Facetime call we all decided it would be fun to revisit old online gaming accounts like Club Penguin, Webkinz World, Poptropica, etc… And what’s great about these sites is that they have specific chat rooms you can go in, so you and your friends can all enter different games together. Now I know this is basically a definition of like Playstation, Wii, or XBox system, but this is great if you don’t have things like that. Plus, buying as many puffles as you can on Club Penguin is super addicting.

Shared Pinterest Boards

Making a shared Pinterest board for you and your friends is a great way to get inspired with DIYs, photo shoots, food and more! Think about all the ideas you will have to try out when you can see each other again. ?

Make a Joint YouTube Channel

With this, all you need is a shared YouTube channel, friends, and a camera! Let your creativity run wild and post videos with your friends. It could be so much fun to see a surprise video from each other. Who knows, you all could be the next John and Hank Green. As my MUTV Director and friend would say, “Let us take this time to make CONTENT!”

I hope this cured your social distancing boredom! 

HCXO, Valentina Z.

Hey everyone! My name is Valentina and I am a Junior at Millersville University! While I’m a Media Arts Production major, I also have a passion for fashion and nerd culture. I am a proud Latina who is always ready to try new things and isn’t afraid to take on life. Follow me into the unknown that is college, dating, and more! I hope my work inspires you as you read <3
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