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So finals week has come to an end. You did it. Whether it was your first finals experience or your last, you did it and you should be so proud of yourself. Pulling all nighters studying, binge eating comfort food and stressing so much you think you’re having a mid-life crisis at 20 is now all over. Now that the tests and papers are done with, it’s time to relax and start your break. Recovering from such a stressful week can take some time, but here are some tips to help you unwind: 

Catch Some Z’s

Chances are if you just finished up your finals your sleep schedule is probably a bit off, after all staying up till the crack of dawn isn’t the easiest. Take some time to catch up on sleeping. Go get comfy and hibernate for a while, you deserve a full night’s sleep after the crazy experience of finals week that you just went through.


Forget about It

You did it. You completed your finals, they are done and over with. Why keep stressing? Stay positive because you know kicked those final’s butts. Positivity and the right mind set is the key to recovering from finals.


Spend some time with your friends

Whether you commute or live on campus, winter break is the perfect time to reconnect with your friends! Plan some days to see each other and just hang out. Chances are you’re going to have a lot to catch up on and rant about post-finals week.


Treat Yourself

Take some time for yourself. For the past semester, you’ve worked your butt of studying, writing papers and taking tests. It’s time to feel like yourself again and not like the stressed-out college student you were recently. Do whatever helps you relax whether that’s taking a hot shower, drinking some tea or even a massage. You deserve this relaxation time.


Enjoy Your Break

You did it! Yet another semester is in the books. Whether its winter break or summer break enjoy every second of it because soon enough, it will be time for the next semester to roll around. 



ally levis

Millersville '22

Hey there, I'm Ally! I'm an interactive and graphic design major here at millersville! I'm a big fan of naps, chocolate chip pancakes and laughing at my own jokes.
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