How to Make The Best Of A Snow Day

I am sitting here in my apartment, writing this article as I look outside and watch the snow fall around me. Today I woke up to one of the best notifications in the world: "Snow Day, Classes Are Cancelled"!! As I become excited about the free day ahead, I wonder to myself what exactly I will do during the day. If you are ever struggling to decide how to make the best of your snow day, stick around because I have lots of wonderful ideas for you!

1. Clean Around Your Apartment

It's likely that you haven't been keeping up with your apartment and your chores during the first few weeks of the semester. Take today to clean up around the apartment and get yourself off to a fresh new start.

2. Go Outside!

Even though you don't have class, that doesn't mean you have to stay inside all day! Go outside and take a walk, go sledding or take some cute photos for insta! 

3. Get Ahead On Work

While you might be tempted to lounge around all day and be lazy, it is important to get some work done! Even try getting ahead in a class or two, your future self will thank you!

4. Have A Spa/Self-Care Day

Put on a facemask, paint your nails, sit in a bath...the opportunities are endless! Everyone needs a break sometimes, and when you have a free day you should use that to your advantage! 

5. Have A Cooking Day With Your Roommates

If you and your roommates are stuck inside all day, you should make a dinner you have always wanted to try, or bake something yummy! Cooking can be so fun, and even more fun with a couple of friends! Give it a try!


I hope that this article has provided you with a few ideas on how to spend your snow day! Enjoy!