How to Look Good Everyday in College

Dressing well in college can seem difficult. Being busy, broke, and stressed definitely makes it hard to put the effort in dressing cute every day. I’m here to help! I’ve put together some tips to help you get dressed and feel your best!


  1. 1. Jeans are your best friend! 

    Jeans go with nearly everything! Having a staple pair of jeans or even a couple pairs of jeans is ideal. With jeans you automatically look like you tried. Even if you just wear a plain t-shirt! Just tuck them in a pair of jeans with a belt and you're good to go!

  2. 2. Basics aren't so Basic!

    Having a good white or black tee is a MUST if you want to try and look good while not really trying! Just wearing a basic white with a cardigan or a statment jewlery piece already is enough to make an outfit cute!

  3. 3. Shoes!

    You don't have to walk into class with high heels to make an outfit look good! Try to have good shoe for each season. For example, having a nice pair of cute and comfortable sandals for the summer, or warm yet stylish boots for the fall. Pairing a good pair of shoes instantly pulls an outfit together

  4. 4. Accessorize!

    Accessories are what's going to take your outfit from good to fabulous! Throwing on a denim or jean jacket instantly adds a bit of style and attitude. Adding a statment necklace or earrings are a perfect way to add something extra to an outfit!  

 College doesn"t have to be where fashion goes to die! By using these tips on myself, I've had so many people telling me my outfits look cute, without doing nearly anything! Not only does wearing cute outfits make me look good, it makes me feel good too and so can you!

HCXO, Alanna