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How I’m Spending My Time During Quarantine

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of anxiety, grief, frustration, and fear with everything revolving around COVID-19. I am just as saddened as any other college student being forced to end my spring semester prematurely, but I have to admit, this quarantine has a little bit of a silver lining. 

As a homebody and family-oriented person, I am pretty happy to be back home spending undivided quality time with my family on my extended spring break. I have been able to take this time as a bit of a vacation (while still being cautious about staying healthy). I have had some time to pick up a new skill and catch up with my little brother who I hadn’t seen in months. I know for many, this quarantine is stressful and maybe even boring, but here are a few things I’ve been doing to keep myself engaged and my brain effectively stimulated:

Trying Something New

This past Christmas my grandmother gifted me a set of crocheting needles. I have been wanting to learn how to crochet in years and now is my chance. I bought some yarn on my way home from school and I have spent a few very focused hours here and there learning the basics and some easy techniques. It can certainly be frustrating, but it is rewarding and by doing this, I don’t feel that my day has been wasted by simply sitting around on my phone or computer.

Think of something you’ve been wanting to try and if you can, start on it! Want to try your hand at drawing? What’s stopping you? Want to get better at yoga? Pull up a good YouTube video and stretch away! Take the extra time you have now to better yourself. It’ll be great to develop a skill and it’ll also distract you from the craziness happening in the world outside.

Reading a Good Book
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I decided that this would be the perfect time to spend on leisure reading. I haven’t picked up a novel since almost last summer, and I felt that a good story would also be a great distraction from the virus. Make yourself a good cup of coffee or tea and cozy up in your favorite reading spot. Even if you don’t have any books you want to read at home, try your local library. You can use the Libby app (as long as you already have a library card) to avoid going out. Libby also has audiobooks for if you simply want to sit back and listen to a good story if you’re working from home.

Binging That One Show

I know while I’m at school I rarely have the time to really relax and watch anything on Netflix or Hulu. But now, since there’s really nothing better to do, I can totally binge-watch the entire season of “Love is Blind” or rewatch “Jane the Virgin” for the second time.

Spending Time With Family

In spite of the chaos happening in the world, I can honestly say I haven’t had this much fun with my family in years! Since being away at college, I have missed family game nights, spending time together cooking dinner and just talking. Pulling out the old school board games like Clue and Battleship has been so much fun lately and my brother and I are planning on teaching the rest of the family how to play video games over the next few days. 

In short, take this time to focus on the good that you have around you. Take the time to connect with people on a deeper level now that some of the distractions have been removed. Be kind to others and stay informed. Be safe and relax. This too, shall pass.


Samantha Kress

Millersville '21

Samantha is a dual early education/ special education major with a minor in integrated STEM. On campus, she is involved in the Student PSEA, Creative Writing Guild, Marching Band in the color guard, and now is a part of the HerCampus team!
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