How to Get Involved in Politics

As you start the spring semester, I’m sure you have heard a lot about politics. The first Democratic primary is weeks away, we are in the middle of an impeachment trial, and it is a presidential election year. If you are like me, you have professors who love to discuss current events and today’s politics, and it helps if you have the information to have an informed discussion on what is happening and maybe even make a change in the country. No matter what your beliefs are, it is important for you to get involved.

  1. 1. Stay Informed

     Politics are always changing, and it can be hard to keep up. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay informed on today’s politics. Today, even Twitter can give you updates or tell you the latest person the president is attacking. In addition to Twitter, you can also use some more traditional news sources to stay up to date. You could watch the news, read the newspaper, or even download a news app to see what is happening. Because politics is an intense subject, news can often be biased, so I recommend getting your news from more than one source. It may seem strange, but I like to compare articles from liberal and conservative sources to try to make my own opinions on what is happening. The best way to make an informed decision while voting is to stay up to date on news.

  2. 2. Vote

    I know this one seems obvious, but there are still many people who do not vote. According to the United States Census Bureau, only 35.6% of registered voters ages 18-29 voted in the 2018 midterm election. That means 64.4% did not vote, and that percentage only includes those who are registered to vote! If you want things in this country to change, you need to make an effort to change it. By voting, you are helping to choose the people who make laws and run this country.  

  3. 3. Donate

    In politics, money is power. With money, politicians can fund campaign advertisements and events that can help them win elections. When they do not have enough money, they are forced to drop out of the election. I am not saying to give away all of your money - I know what it is like to be a poor college student. All I am saying is to donate what you can to your favorite candidate or political party.   

  4. 4. Volunteer

    Another way you can get involved is volunteering. When you register to vote, you can sign up to volunteer on polling day, or you can volunteer on a candidate’s campaign. Either way, you are involving yourself in the political process.  

  5. 5. Call Your Government Officials

    One of the best ways to make a difference is to call you government officials. By calling their offices, you are directly telling them what matters you care about. They want your vote, so they will do what they can to support your cause or solve your problem.   

As we get closer to the election, I hope you follow some of my advice to get involved and make your voice heard!

HCXO, Riley

All images courtesy of Google Images and Giphy.