How to Get Back into Work Mode After a Long Break

Here we are, new year, new semester, and back to the grind. I gotta say I'm getting Groundhog's Day vibes with this spring semester. I move back into school with way more than I really need, I'm not quite sure where to find my math class and I'm desperatley trying to find time to get a cup of coffee. Sound familiar to anyone else? Don't worry, you're not alone in trying to get back into a routine without feeling like you're walking through a fog. Whether its going back to work, to school, or just starting to be productuve again after a long winter break, these are some tips to making that productive mindset a little easier to achieve.

  1. 1. Establish a Sleep Routine

    This sounds a lot more strict than it really is, but it's definitly something that will help to get back into a solid routine. It's time to get to bed earlier so that alarm in the morning won't sound so bad. Instead of staying up late on your phone, try setting it aside and shutting the lights off even 30 minutes earlier than usual. Believe me a good nights' rest will make all the difference. Not getting enough sleep, or getting an unequal amount everynight, can make you more tired, stressed, less attentive, and more irritable. Studies have shown that your sleep schedule should differ by 20 minutes everynight, not hours. If you try to get to bed around at the same time every night, you'll find that you will have a better nights sleep every night, and you'll feel more rested over all. In addition to that, set an alarm that goes off between a 30 minute period. This way you'll wake up when you are furthest from rem, and avoid waking up feeling tired.

  2. 2. Stay Hydrated

    I know we all hear this one all the time, but it really is important. Figure out how much water you need daily and try to get as much as you can. Not to preach to the choir, but water helps you in so many ways. It helps stop acne, regulare your immune and digestive systems, and also helps with thta sleep thing we talked about. I know most of have a hydroflask, or a cute cup from Starbucks that we love to use. Just think, the more you use the cups, the more "cute cup," compliments you'll get.

  3. 3. Get Up and Get Moving

    This is one I personally have to work on. Instead of laying in bed for 20 minutes scrolling though every social media app on your phone, check your email and texts then get out of bed. This will no doubt give you a better start to the day. You'll have more time to get ready, and not feel stressed first thing. A couple extra minutes in the morning is a good thing. You can actually fit in some breakfast, maybe a cup of coffee if you so desire, and put a little more effort into your outfit for the day. Remember, look good feel good do good. After you're all ready for the day, you might have a few extra minutes to check the lastest on Instagram. 

  4. 4. Make a Schedule For Yourself

    Most of us already have some type of schedule for the weekdays. Between class and work, we know when our down time is and when we need to work. However, it can be hard to juggle the extra work we come home with and still have time to eat or decompress. Every night or every morning, think about what you have to get done for the day and try to block out time to get everything done. When you're not in class, when can you get to the library to get homework done? When are you going to study or write that paper? Perosnally, after I have all my syllabi, I go through all of them and write down every quiz, exam, essay, or assignment that already has a due date. Staying organized can be a huge benefit to being productive after a long break. If you can see everything coming up for the next month you'll have a better grasp on when and how much you'll be working.

Wishing everyone a fun and successful semester!