How the Gender and Sexuality Alliance at Millersville Impacted My College Years

When I first started college I was a shy naive 18-year-old and starting somewhere totally new was scary to me. The first couple years at Millersville, I barely socialized and spent all my time on school work. I felt alone and homesick at times. Something needed to change. 

Girl Holding Her Knees

In my sophomore year of college, I decided to join clubs. The organization outbreak was a good place to start finding clubs to join. One stood out to me. Honestly, I was a bit nervous about joining GSA. I remember going to the first meeting and feeling how nervous I was. But once I got there we all did an icebreaker game. We shared our names, pronouns and fun facts about ourselves. It ended up becoming a weekly evening Wednesday thing for me. Every Wednesday I had that to look forward to. I had the chance to get to know some awesome people. Despite having different journeys and different upbringings, perspectives, we were united. We could relate to each other’s struggles.


Lindsay Thompson-Neon Sign Where You Need To Be Miami Bar InspirationI think being in the GSA helped me come into my own. It helped me be more confident in my sexuality and have pride in who I am. I am now a lot  happier and comfortable with others and myself.  It helped me gain my own fashion sense. I started wearing things that I wanted, and not being afraid of standing out.  My denim jacket was a staple of many college outfits and looks, I still wear it today. I am so happy that I found a group of people that made me feel welcome and loved every time I entered or left.  I think my peers and colleagues in GSA succeed  in having a safe space to talk about anything. I will cherish lasting friendships with people I have met through this organization. I felt like I mattered to people, I felt like they appreciated me for all of me. I love all of them!!

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Thank you for the memories, the pride fests, the bingo nights, the craft nights. These are just some moments I will look back on dearly. I also hope the organization grows and continues to do great things. 


HCXO, Sharon Curcuru