How To Create Aesthetically Pleasing Graphics Using Canva

I don't have a graphic design degree like my sister, but being the Event & Philanthropy chair for Her Campus Millersville and being a president of another club in the past, I've had to create flyers for events and promotions. Canva makes creating flyers and such so much easier and faster. Here are some tips and tricks that I've learned while using Canva. (p.s. this is not sponsored by Canva, I just love it but @ Canva hit me up) 

  1. 1. The Template Tab is Your Best Friend

    The template tab shows you all the templates that were created under different styles. For example, in the picture, the templates shown are all the different flyers that you can create. I like using this for when I have no idea where to start and I can take different elemants from each to create my own personal flyer. You can also use the template without changing anything if it fits your needs.  

  2. 2. Free Graphics!

    Canva has a bunch of free graphics that you can use in your creations, some you will have to pay for but it usually is just a dollar so if you really love it, you can buy it. Using the graphics on Canva gives you better quality than just finding something on Google since you don't have to save it and then upload it and then add it to your page. 

  3. 3. Use The Guide LInes

    See the pink lines? They are your friend. I'm horrible at finding the center so these pink lines are a life saver. 

  4. 4. Make It Pretty & Keep It Simple

    Don't overload the page with text, unless it's an infographic. If you're creating a social media post or a flyer, the less words the better. You don't want to make your audience sit there and read a paragraph on your poster, you want them to get the important information like where, when, and why. Using the templates can be a big help with this because you can follow the amount of text that are on the template. 

  5. 5. Keep A Theme

    Always use colors that compliment each other. The great thing about Canva, is it has all the colors used in an image or a file when you click on it. Using colors that go with each other make it look better and people are more likely to look or click on the image. If you use a bunch of colors that don't go or make it look messy, most likely people aren't going to look at it.