How to Build Your Professional Closet

My college career is quickly coming to a close and I am realizing pretty fast that my professional wardrobe is lacking in many areas. With me student teaching both in the fall and spring semester, it is essential that I begin to create my post-college style. While the dress code of every job is different, I feel like most workplaces follow similar dress codes. I hope my ideas below help you to get started in creating this wardrobe...its never too early!


1. Pick Your "Basic"

I am such a fan of basic clothing and I tend to stay away from wild colors and prints. I think that it is important to decide early on if you want to have all basic pants, or if you want to wear basic shirts. Depending on what category you choose, it allows you to purchase the other clothing item more freely without worrying about the colors. For me, I choose to purchase more basic dress pants. This allows me to shop easily for shirts because I know that it will match with the pants I already have at home.


2. Buy Short Sleeves!

If you live in a northern state like myself, you know how different every season is. I think that it is a really great idea to buy tops and blouses that are shorter sleeved, so then you can wear cardigans over it during the fall and winter, and keep them short sleeved for spring/summer. This allows you to wear the shirts you have no matter the season, and not worry about having seperate summer and winter clothes.


3. Invest In Nice Shoes

I cannot stress this enough!! Especially if you have a job like mine that requires you to stand for 7-8 hours a day. Invest in a few nice pairs of basic shoes that you can wear on a regular basis. Your feet will thank you, and it will make your day so much more bearable. There is nothing worse than getting blisters from an uncomfortable pair of shoes during the work day. Try and stay away from heels if possible, and instead invest in some nice flats or slip-ons.


4. Accessorize

Having jewlery or scarves to switch up your outfits is such a great idea for the professional workspace. Accessorizing allows you to add your personality into an outfit, but it can greatly alter similar outfits as well. This is my favorite trick to use because you can make multiple outfits out of the same top and bottom just by adding a necklace, scarf or hat. 


5. Makeup

While this is technically not a piece of clothing, it is definitely a part of any professional woman's wardrobe. While these guidelines do not follow everyone's profession, mine requires light and natural makeup. My work makeup routine is as follows: Mousse foundation, concealer, powder, brushed through brows, a light sweep of blush, and mascara. I try to make my makeup light and natural so it is not too distracting to my students. 


Obviously follow the guidelines that your employer gives you in regard to dress code at your work place, but I hope that these tips have helped you to start searching and creating your own wardrobe. Have a good day college babes!