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Holiday Humbleness

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Millersville chapter.

Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone is in the same mindset. Although this time of year is meant to be full of cheer and happiness, there are some people who do not get to experience the typical holidays. This can be for a plethora of reasons; an absent family, mental health, lack of funds, etc. Some people are simply not as fortunate as others.

At this time of year, it is important to reach out to all of your friends and family, even if they may not knowingly suffer from a mental health disorder. A simple check-in can really make all the difference. Due to the colder weather, seasonal depression is a very big concern. Adding the holidays to the mix can make things even worse. It’s imperative to reach out and let your loved ones know that they are in fact loved and missed. Keep in mind that there be members of your family that suffer from eating disorders. Just because you don’t know about it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Try not to encourage people to fill their plates, and don’t make fun of those that eat more than most. This is an especially troubling time of the year. Try to be understanding and remember that not every mental illness is visible. 

If your friends are unable to make it home for the holidays or do not have a home to return to, invite them to yours! It can be weird to add a new person to the family traditions, but having a warm environment and family tone can make all of the difference in someone’s life. If you reach out and your friends choose to not accept your invite, do not fret. It’s just as weird for them to step into a strange home and experience their traditions. However, extending the invite can make a world of difference in someone’s holiday.

There are many charities that work to send meals and toys to homes that cannot afford it. During this time of giving, don’t forget to give to those who can’t give in return. A warm holiday dinner and even one toy under the tree can really light up a family’s life. Check your local shopping centers for donation areas. If you can’t find one, search the internet! There are literally TONS of organizations that specialize in holiday giving.

This article serves as just a friendly reminder that not everyone is equally fortunate, and it truly shows around the holidays. By no means should anyone ever feel guilty for having more or less than another person. By simply reaching out to others, you can make a tremendous difference! 


Happy Holidays!


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Jessica Moore


I'm currently a junior at Millersville Unversity studying biology! I started at HC as a first semester freshman and have been with it ever since. Along with writing passionately for Her Campus, I am also a member of Alpha Sigma Tau.  My passions include reading, writing, animals, and food. In my spare time, I thoroughly enjoy binging netflix, reading a good book, and taking naps.  Instagram: @jessy_poo96 Twitter: @jessy_poo96