Holiday Gift Guide 2018

With the holiday's coming up in the next few weeks, many of your friends and family may start to ask you what you want for the holiday's this year. Every year I struggle to come up with gift ideas for people, so I have decided to compile a list of things that I am loving this year! I hope that this list gives you ideas for not only yourself, but to get for others as well!


1. AirPods

These are the newest trend currently, and at first I was not a fan. Now I see everyone on campus using them and they are so convenient and small, perfect for a college student on the go! They are a little pricey, but definitely worth the investment! 

2. Fenty Beauty

Right now I am currently OBSESSED with the Fenty Beauty makeup line and I think that it is such a great brand for every type of skin tone. I have recently purchased the Gloss Bomb lip gloss in the shade Diamond Milk and it is my new beauty favorite. Be sure to check out this makeup line if you are looking to upgrade your makeup collection!

3. Hydroflask 

This water bottle has been a recent favourite for many and while I have yet to try one myself, I have heard that they are amazing. This water bottle promises to keep drinks cold for at least 24 hours....crazy right? You can get a straw attachment as well which is perfect for people who don't like to drink from a typical water bottle. 

4. Letter Board

This is such a cute gift to ask for, or to give to someone because it is simple and allows for the user to change up its use! The uses for a letter board are endless because you can constantly change up the sayings on them. If you have a dorm or apartment, these are the perfect decor to make your room feel cozier. 

5. Jade Roller

This beauty trend is something that I have yet to try, but definitely plan to soon! The jade roller promises to help tone the face and de-puff it at the same time! Who doesn't want that?? 

6. Teddy Coat

This coat is super cute and will help keep you warm all winter long! This coat is super chunky and fuzzy and looks great with any type of outfit; dressy or casual. I personally think the brown color is best, but this coat comes in many different options. You can find teddy coats almost anywhere, just Google "teddy coats" and many options will come up!


These are six of my most wanted items this holiday season and I hope that they helped inspire you for some items to ask for yourselves! What is on your wishlist this holiday season? Comment below!