Her Campus: For Those of You Who Don't Know


Talking to people around campus, I have realized that a lot of people don’t understand what Her Campus actually is. So let’s clear some things up.

The number one online media site for college women.

We’re like Buzzfeed, but for college students. Her Campus chapters around the world write articles much like what you see on other media sites such as Buzzfeed, The Odyssey, POPSUGAR, and others. The difference is that HC works sort of like a fraternity or sorority; in that we consist of different chapters at different universities all over the world. It’s written by college students, for college students.


An empowering platform for EVERYONE.

Image Courtesy of Her Campus

The name “Her Campus” sounds like it is only for women, and while the site is geared toward college women, it does not exclude anyone. Everyone on the planet can find something to relate to in an HC article. We talk about college life, health and fitness, sex, fashion, food, entertainment, art, politics, current events… anything!


A place for anyone.

Image taken by Angelica Lopez

Her Campus offers students an almost endless array of possibilities. You do not have to be a writer to succeed here - our current president is a biology major, our events coordinator is a political science major, and we have so many other majors in our club!


A resume booster.

Image taken by Angelica Lopez

Her Campus has been a huge life-changer for so many of its members. Through HC, you will become a published writer, but also learn career, life, and networking skills, as well as have the opportunity to work for Her Campus National in other capacities.


A family.

Image taken by Angelica Lopez

This organization is not like others - all of us are so close, and I do not know what I would do without my HC family.

Consider joining, or just follow us! We are on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and interest and you can read our articles online at HerCampus.com/Millersville.