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Her Campus Millersville: Becoming a Mother

I joined Her Campus Millersville for extra credit in a class. There’s no denying that. But one thing I never expected to gain from joining was the never-ending opportunities to grow personally. When I first joined, I was scared to offer suggestions, scared to produce content and scared to move up in the organization. What I didn’t realize is that this organization allowed me to become the best version of myself in just under 3 years of being a member. From being social media director to president of Her Campus Millersville, each semester brought laughter, stress and a lot of Mean Girls quotes. However, my last semester was different, but in a good way. Being president of Her Campus Millersville was the best opportunity that was thrown my way. I had a vision of what the organization could become, and the results were well beyond my expectations. I became a leader, a friend, and a mom of 16 girls all at once. Little did I know that each of these girls would leave such an impact in my life.

Our semester was filled with a lot of free goodies from National (#blessed), venting sessions, embarrassing and not-so-embarrassing stories and amazing teamwork when deadlines needed to be met. I have never interacted with such a strong, empowering and heart-felt group in my entire life. We all accepted each other, bonded together and made a lot of new friendships! Having to say good bye to such a dedicated and talented group of distinguished women at Millersville breaks my heart! I will forever cherish the amazing memories I have made through Her Campus- attending College Fashion Week, holding two executive board positions, becoming a National intern as a Chapter Advisor and meeting amazing people along the way.

To Jess and Carlee, I know you’ll have an amazing semester leading this organization when I graduate. You two are perfect for your charming, loving and bright personalities, and I know Her Campus Millersville will be amazing with you two leading it. Please continue to shine through Her Campus! And thank you for always supporting my decisions with this organization! Also, thanks for laughing at my jokes and weirdness!


To Arleigh, my Dunkin princess. We both had a very stressful semester, but I wouldn’t have made it through without your caring and loving attention to this organization. You’re always there when I need you and always stay on top of things I’d most likely forget. Never stop your love of wine and Dunkin, it’s what I’ll miss hearing about the most!


To Shayna and Alyssa, my little wild child’s. Since the day I met both of you I knew what I was going to be in for- other versions of myself! I had so much fun getting to know you at pumpkin patches and Shayna twerking at the Multicultural Showcase and chugging a bottle of sparkling grape juice. I’ll miss your wild personalities so much!


To Lisa, my very first recruit of the semester! You have impressed me with your writing since day one! You’ll always be my favorite, because you were the first one to reach out about our meetings! Your kindness will take you to big places in life! Never stop being the sweet Lisa I know!


To Hannah, Lola and Lexie, if I could make a superhero team out of you three I totally would. You each have strong and amazing writing pieces. From holding the top articles of the semester and Hannah becoming the social media director, it’s safe to say that you’re all unstoppable! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of you!


To Mallory, my sassy and sarcastic queen. Where would any of us be without your witty remarks?! You have made me laugh uncountable times this semester and I thank you for that. Your attitude gave me heart attacks as your mother, but you are your children, so I am proud to be your mom. P.S Jacks soon plz.


To Nathalie, I loved watching you break out of your shell this semester! I loved your pieces all semester long, and your make-up tips have really changed my life, so I thank you! Please continue your amazing writing style, and perhaps become our first beauty blogger! I smell a YouTube Channel!


To Kay, you made me feel so proud to have welcomed you into Her Campus! You have an amazing way with words, so I thank you for writing pieces of empowerment. I hope you continue bringing your amazing and unique writing style to Her Campus! Please never stop being you! 


To Sydney, thank you for being the most knowledgeable person I have ever talked to at Millersville. You were my human Google search. You have helped me grown into being the best leader I could be! Thank you so much for your little sarcastic, under your breath comments, all semester long! Have an amazing time in Germany!


To Lindsey, thank you for writing pieces that brought a light to many situations that society does not discuss. You’re writing is beautiful and heartfelt, and I know you’ll do great things. Continue writing your stories, passions and experiences in Her Campus. I’ll be looking forward to reading all of them!


I love each and every one of the girls in Her Campus Millersville, new and past members alike. You have all have brought me so many wonderful memories I’ll cherish forever in my heart. Being able to become your president was the best thing that happened to me in my three and a half years at Millersville. Don’t worry, I’ll be around plenty of times to bother all of you! See you all soon my hunnies!



HCXO, Mom (Jordan)

Jordan Ettien

Millersville '17

A recent 2017 grad from Millersville University of Pennsylvania! I hold a bachelor's of science in business administration with a concentration in marketing! I am addicted to Starbucks, cute dogs and candles from Bath and Body Works! When I am not working as a Chapter Advisor for Her Campus or as a Marketing Manager for my full time job, you can find me at the gym teaching Pilates! 
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