Her Campus Goes to College Fashion Week

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It's the most wonderful time of the year, collegiettes! And no, I'm not talking about Christmas. I'm talking about College Fashion Week: Her Campus' four-stop fashion tour! This year, Her Campus Millersville was lucky enough to attend the New York City show, which their president modeled in! However, the fun couldn't start until they were packed and ready to go -- which, let's be real, is the hardest part of travelling. So, here’s how the ladies of Her Campus Millersville prepared (no matter how last-minute) for their big weekend in the Big Apple!

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Of course, the ladies of Her Campus Millersville had procrastinated packing. So, the night before they were supposed to leave, they ran around their houses, frantically searching for everything they would need to make this trip the best ever.

The first essential that came to these collegiettes’ minds were, obviously, cute outfits! Thankfully, they had just received their orders from Flying Colors Apparel, a fashion-forward brand that helps college students represent their school colors no matter where they are! The girls then packed their favorite Maidenform pieces for every outfit -- because what’s a cute outfit without the right undergarments? Since the weather forecast called for rain and chilly temperatures, the girls also made sure to bring along their L’eggs hosiery to finish off their outfits (and keep them warm)!

Next, the girls raided their vanities and made sure to pack their favorite products from Rimmel London, including mascara, lipstick, and eyeliner! Just because they were going to New York didn’t mean they couldn’t rock the London look. Lastly, they tossed their trusty travel-size bottles of their favorite fragrance, I Heart Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture, into their makeup bags.

Now it’s #TimeForTMI… Since the girls were going to be so far from home, they didn’t feel comfortable with leaving without some intimate essentials. Each girl packed their trusty DivaCup and Monistat Complete Care cream, just to be prepared for whatever the weekend had in store!

Speaking of being prepared, the girls also made sure to add their new Wearsafe companions to their keychains. These nifty little buttons are designed to send messages to contacts you add to your “circles” in case of an emergency. So, if the girls ever got separated or lost, help was just a push away!

Once they were packed, the ladies slept peacefully, knowing they were ready for the next day.

The next night, after experiencing the best fashion show of their existence, the ladies decided to have girls' night in. They all decided to do facials, using nothing but the best clay masks from Freeman Beauty.

Then, one girl had brought some books with her on the trip and decided to break them out to share some funny things she had read. The one book, Adulthood Is A Myth, featured some funny drawings of things that girls do on a daily basis which makes them seem immature. The girls began busting up laughing because they could all relate.

They were also passing around another book, The Roommate Book, that gave real life roommate advice and comical drawings along with it. Then they all ended up falling asleep because of all the excitement, laughing and girl bonding they had done. Plus, they may have sipped some wine from their handy dandy Camelbak travel mugs, since it was a girls' night after all*!

*All the girls were 21 & over of course!

We hope you enjoyed reading our story as much as we enjoyed experiencing it! HCXO!