Hector Santana '14

Hector Santana is a 20-year-old born in the Dominican Republic but now lives in Philadelphia, PA. He's a major in computer science and a minor in art studio in web development. He loves the show The Big Bang Theory. Hector likes to be more active on campus, so he plays baseball, soccer and volleyball. He seems like a very athletic guy!

R: What’s your involvement on campus?

H: Well, I do a lot of things during my free time. I do intramural sports, programming teams, SPC (Software Productizaion Center) and of course SOLA (Society on Latino Affairs). I was formally on the public relations board.

R: What made you get involved in so many activities?

 H: I was just trying to network with different staff on campus. I also wanted to make new friends in college so when I graduate I can say, “Hey remember that?" to someone. I won’t leave here with any regrets.

R: What made you choose your major and minor?

H: Well, I have a passion for technology and science. I came here and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Then I thought about computer and science and I thought "why not?" I found out it was actually what I wanted to do. I chose my minor because I just wanted something else to do. I just didn’t want to have a major like everyone else; I wanted to challenge myself more.

R: Tell me what you like about the campus?

H: I like the community. Everyone is friendly and helpful no one is bringing down the atmosphere here.

R: How’s your college life?

H: Its great! My first year I had a GPA above 3.5. I work with Student Services and on a public speaking project. I also help out with the Latino project. 

R: What do you like to do for fun?

H: I like to go to the movies, amusement parks and I love playing lazar tag.

R: What’s interesting about you?

H: I travel; I went to Germany, Spain, France and Belgium.


Hector is graduating next spring.