HC Team Member: Lola Natalie Itzhaki

Meet Lola! She’s a sophomore/soon-to-be junior here at Millersville, majoring in Early Childhood Education. This is her second semester being a part of Her Campus, and she is our Bonding Events Chair. She loves setting up and being a part of opportunities for everyone to see each other, since she loves being a part of such an inspiring group of women.

Lola was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Susquehanna Township High School. She started playing the violin in fourth grade and continued until graduation, and participated in chorus all through middle and high school. She also joined her school’s color guard in the eighth grade, and was in marching band and indoor guard until she graduated. It became a true passion of hers, and she did Millersville’s marching band her freshman year, as well as an independent indoor guard in Harrisburg. Starting her freshman year, Lola stopped spinning in order to have more time to study and work, but hopes to go back to it soon.

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Between her classes and working at a coffee shop, Lola likes to spend her free time with her friends, reading, listening to music, or watching her favorite TV shows. She and her friends love going places to eat together, as well as watching shows together. Some of her favorites are Friends, The 100, Riverdale, and Parks and Recreation. Her favorite musical artists include Ed Sheeran, Pentatonix, The Weeknd, Shawn Mendes, and more, and she is constantly playing music in the background of whatever she’s doing.  She also really enjoys art. Both of her parents are artists, so Lola was raised surrounded by art and has always greatly appreciated it - she can always be found doodling in her notebooks or looking at tons of different artists on Instagram.

One of Lola’s life-long dreams is to travel the world. She’s been fortunate to have lots of opportunities to travel throughout her life, as she has family all over the world that she has visited; her mom is from England, her aunt lives in Spain, her father is from Israel, and her dad has close family friends in Amsterdam. She falls in love with every place that she visits, and each trip only strengthens her wanderlust.


Some of the people who have inspired Lola most so far in her life are her mom and her sister. Lola’s mom is one of the kindest people she knows, as well as the most empathetic. She inspires her every day to be kind and to care about everyone she meets. She also is the one who passed her obsession with plants on to Lola! Her sister, Arielle, is two years older than her is a nursing student. The two of them were extremely close growing up, and still are today. Arielle is extremely driven and stands up for everything she cares about, and inspires Lola to defend herself and be the best woman she can be. Her father is an inspiration to her as well, as he is extremely dedicated and hard-working, and those are both skills that Lola hopes successfully passed on to her.

Lola says that she can’t really name a favorite quote, but there are a few that she knows she loves. They include:

“Time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted.” -John Lennon;

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde; and

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” - Robert Frost


Lola is super excited to continue with Her Campus for the rest of her college career, and she’s looking forward to everything that will continue to inspire her to write about!


HCXO, Lola