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A Handful of GIFs to Make You Laugh, Despite The End of the Semester

1. When you find out that you and a friend are both staying up late to start work you found out about 10 weeks ago

2. When you realize you’ve been working on an essay all night and haven’t eaten since in the past nine hours


3.  When you’re so tired that you can’t even control your behavior


4. When you decide to make yourself feel better from the stress by online shopping, but get carried away

5. When you would do anything to avoid studying or doing work, so you pick up an unusual hobby


6. When you need to ask your professor for extra credit, even though all you did in the class was skip and add to your Pinterest boards


7. When you have roughly 9000 pages of an essay to write but you can barely keep your eyes open


8. When the university store offers to pay you $0.77 for a book that cost $298.99

9. When your professor assigns a last-minute group project

10. When you finish it all and don’t want to make plans for 7-9 business days

Good luck! And wish me the same!


*All images courtesy of GIPHY.*


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