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Halloweekend Refresh

Halloweekend Refresh

Happy Halloweekend, you party animals! Now that the fun times are at an end, and you’ve just woken with that pounding headache, let me help you so that you’re feeling better by class time.


Drink your Electrolytes:

Head on over to the closest place on campus where you can purchase a delicious, yet non brand-specific, sports drink! The salt in the sports drink replenishes all of the electrolytes you lost dancing the night away! Drinking pickle juice can also help to restore your electrolyte supply, but at what cost?


Eat A Good Breakfast:

Your body is relying on nutrition from your diet to help combat that Bloody Mary from last night, and yes, even though it did have vegetables in it, it did not help your body one bit, young lady! So put that soda and burger down, because it’s not the greasy and fatty foods you crave that will help you feel refreshed. Head on over to the smoothy bar on campus for a banana smoothy, add some fruit to a bowl of cereal, or try to make eggs without ruining your roommate’s microwave. Let’s get those macronutrients ladies!


Take That Nap:

If you went to the party dressed a zombie, did the monster mash, and now woke up this morning, chances are The Cranberries were right about you. “In your head… in your heaaaad, zombie! Zombie! Zombie!” You’re feeling like a zombie! Feeling undead and craving brains. This is because all those drinks you had last night disrupted your REM cycle causing you to twist and turn all night. So after your done chugging your pickle juice and banana smoothy, take that well deserved nap! 



I know, I know!! This sounds like a punishment! But listen, the endorphins your body receives will help to boost your mood and get your system rocking and rolling again. So after that nap, get on the treadmill and start running like you just saw a ghost! 


Do your Homework:

You and I both know you procrastinated on that paper so that you can party it up, but now it’s go-time! Don’t let the scariest part of Halloweekend be your falling GPA. School-induced stress feels worse that the strongest of hangovers, so make sure you get your assignments accounted for. Plus, staying organized and completing tasks is a very rewarding feeling for your brain! It will help you sleep better that night knowing you have no looming assignments. Nobody likes the guilt of partying all weekend instead of doing homework. So, have your cake and eat it too!

Those are all of my tips for now! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you had a happy and safe Halloweekend!  HCXO, Aliya 

Aliya Brown

Millersville '20

Comedy Writer from Bethlehem, Pa going to college in Millersville Pa Secondary Education Major class of 2020
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