The "Glo Up" We Don't Talk About

We’ve all heard of the “Glo Up.” You know when that one girl in middle school who may have had braces and frizzy hair or was a little awkward, goes to high school and gets her braces off then straightens her hair and is “hot” now? The glo up we don’t talk about, however, is a mental glo up. You might be wondering what I mean by that, don’t worry, I’ll tell you! A mental glo up is when you ditch old mindsets and problematic tendencies and overall gain a better mental health! For example, in high school I always had the mentality that I needed to conform. I needed to wear the trendy styles and have the best, most expensive brands to fit in. Since then I’ve surrounded myself with people that made me realize I don’t need to conform, I can be whoever I want to be without the fear of not fitting in. A mental glo up! That’s just one example of it. Other examples could be being more positive, loving yourself, finding healthier coping methods, etc. You may have already had a mental health glo up and didn’t even know it! Personally, I think traditional glo ups are amazing, but I think mental glo ups are so important! Sure, you may notice that guy from high school got a better hair cut and clearer skin on the outside, but what you may not see is that maybe he’s finally focusing on himself and expressing emotions better. That’s what I call a glo up!

HCXO, Alanna

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