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Girls Run the World: So Why is There a Gender Pay Gap?

Who runs the world? Girls. So why is it that on average women are getting paid 78 cents to every man’s dollar? Women of color are effected at even greater rates, with African American women earning 64% of every dollar a white man makes, and Latina women earning only 56%.

The American Association of University Women’s found that these gaps exist even when taking time off work temporarily to have children or when picking a certain career field are accounted for. They found that a 7% gender wage gap exists among college graduates just one year out of college after controlling all of the variables such as occupation, months employed, GPA, etc. After 10 years the gap grows to 12%.

On top of this, women are paying more for the same products men buy such as razors. Not to mention one bra costs around $50 and feminine products cost about $6-$7. These are expenses men don’t have to deal with.

What’s even worse news?

Women may have to wait until 2058 to see an end to the gender wage gap.

Don’t throw in the towel just yet though ladies, there are plenty of things we can do to help close the gap (even though we shouldn’t have to do anything at all)! In addition, plenty of people are advocating for equal pay.

For example, a pop-up shop is opening in Pittsburgh, called 76<100, to represent the 76 cents that women make to a men’s dollar in the state of Pennsylvania.

The store charges women 76% of the price listed on products all made by women such as notebooks, ceramics and textiles. It’s a not-for-profit shop and all profits are given to the female artists whose products are featured in the store. The goal is to spread awareness of the pay gap. Their next stop is Louisiana, the state with the highest wage gap. Women only make 66 cents for every dollar men make.

Another thing we can do is rally to pass wage equality laws. The Equal Rights Amendment ensures that everyone’s rights are protected equally, no matter what sex or gender you are. However, only several states have passed the amendment.

Individually, we can stop selling ourselves short and demand higher pay. Linda Babcock, writer of the book Why Women Don’t Ask, did research that found that 57% of men negotiate their salaries as opposed to 7% of women. When women do negotiate their salaries, they often ask for an average of $7,000 less than men.

So next time you’re in an interview, know the worth of your skills and what you can bring to the company and don’t be afraid to ask for what you deserve.

We all need to keep working together to close wage gaps. Because in the words of Fifth Harmony, “Baby we’re worth it!”


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