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Getting Over the Beginning-of-the-Semester Scaries

It’s that time of year again, when every college student dreads the end of winter break and has to start to get back into the swing of things. While it can certainly be a daunting time for many (including me, a college senior), it’s always good to remind yourself that you’re in the same boat as everyone else. Here are some tips that I follow as each semester rolls around!

Plan Out Your CLasses

This is one of the cardinal rules of having a well-maintained semester: plan our all of your classes! It will help you in the long run. My planner has saved my life multiple times. I like to sit down when I get the syllabus for a class and write down the due dates for papers, exams, etc., just so I can have it all in one spot.

Make friends in your classes

While this can seem like a daunting task, it is always good to chat with some of your classmates just to get to know people better and ensure that you have someone you can comfortably talk to about the course. Even if it’s just exchanging information, you’ll have someone that you know in the class!

Take Advantage of campus events

This is something that I really enjoy, and it is getting the most out of the things that happen on campus, especially at the beginning of the semester. There are often freebies, fun goodies, or events that can give you tips and tricks on how to navigate campus and the impending semester.


The start of classes and the overall semester is a nerve-wracking experience, especially for those who are new to campus as a freshman or a transfer student. One of the most important things to remember is to breathe! Relax and realize that you’re in the same boat as just about everybody on campus.

I hope that some of these tips can give you some better insight on how to make the semester great!

HCXO, Alexandra

Hi I'm Alexandra! I'm an English major with a concentration in writing studies, along with a minor in film studies, at Millersville University. I love to write, take pictures of anything and everything, and spend time with my family and friends. <3
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