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Sharon Curcuru

Get To Know Sharon!

Sharon Curcuru is currently a senior Marine Biology major at Millersville University. She’s originally from Levittown, PA where she lives with her two cats, Frankie and Ice Cream. She joined Her Campus Millersville at the beginning of this semester. She said that she joined Her Campus because she loves writing and wanted to give herself a platform to have a voice. She had some advice for writers, “You may be afraid to write about controversial things, but just write about it. [Writing] can help you be more tolerant, just learn more, it can help you grow as a person.” 

Being a senior, Sharon has taken a lot of classes at Millersville but her favorite was Marine Mammals, where she got to go to Chincoteague Bay field station and write a research paper on the eating patterns on dolphins. She said, “It was cool to have a hands on experience!” When asked about what she would do if she could do anything, she said she would be “an author of a book or I’d like to own a bakery that was ocean or tropical themed.” Sharon is also really proud of how inclusive she is, her work with GSA, and she said, “sticking with a major even though it’s hard.” 


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Being in school is difficult and stressful so Sharon started talking about her favorite artist, which is Hozier. “My favorite song is ‘Cherry Wine,’ it has a good meaning and is sweet sounding. Whenever I’m stressed, I listen to it.” She then described the meaning of it, “It symbolizes domestic abuse but you wouldn’t realize it until you watch the music video.”

When asked about what she would change in the world if she could, she laughed and said, “This is going to sound really hippie, but I’d make there be no war, at all.” Sharon thought again for a moment and then said, “Also, no wage or class gap either.”

Hopefully one day, we’ll either eat in Sharon’s ocean themed bakery or read her reports on marine bio, whatever Sharon does, it will be amazing!

Check out Sharon’s articles here.

HCXO, Erika


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