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Get to Know Erika Stewart

Erika Stewart is a hardworking, passionate student at Millerville. She is a senior and will graduate with a degree in both History and Public Relations. On her self-discovery and career path journey, she found that teaching was not what she wanted, so she made the switch to these majors. Her future career goals include being head of PR for a company, an agent for a celebrity, or public relations person for a hockey team or personal assistant. She likes hockey because she found a love for watching that with her Dad. Her hometown is in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. When she was young, she spent time in New Jersey in the summer. She enjoyed the summer vacations because she was with her family at a nice beach house and it was a relaxing getaway. Erika wants to travel internationally, specifically to London and Paris. She said that studying these countries was an important part of her education. When she gets the chance to travel, she would like to see the original guillotine that the King used in the French Revolution. 

Erika is a major Lady Gaga fan, the current single “Stupid Love” is a bop she enjoys regularly. “Lady Gaga inspires me because she is open, free, creative and kind," said Erika. Other music that she listens to is anything but country music. Erika likes to write for Her Campus, read books, and do special effects makeup in her free time. Her favorite cosmetic brand is Snazaroo! During her time on campus, she works at Starbucks. She is actually the student manager at the Starbucks on Millersville’s campus and has worked there for over a year now. One of the fun drinks she enjoys to make is a caramel macchiato since it’s aesthetically pleasing over ice and quick to make.

One of the most memorable times that were fun for her was freshman year when her and her roommates bonded over watching all of the seasons of "Parks and Recreation." She loves her role in Her Campus as the Philanthropy and Bonding chair. 

She stated, “Everyone in Her Campus inspires me to be the best I can and to keep working towards my goals.” 

She created Her Carnival which is a female empowerment event on campus. It was a ton of fun and a great event all in all. There were tables from other clubs that got to talk about how they are involved on campus. Having the ability to create an event around women empowerment and women's issues is something that she is proud of. She planned it from start to finish two years in a row and is excited to see how it grows in the future.

Her Campus girls at event Lola Itzhaki

Erika will continue to write in her free time, she writes poetry and fiction. She hopes to write a book about the coming of age of different individuals, so that there is more representation for people. It would have some of her experiences, themes, and lessons that have impacted  her life. 

For any first time writer, the advice she gave is “Just write, smash the keyboard and just write.”

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