Four Companies That Are Helping The Planet

This past year I have really been thinking about our planet and the damage that the human race has been doing to it. I want to do my small part my purchasing from brands that are actually helping the Earth, not hurting it. Unfortunately, this is way harder than it should be as most brands I have been using for years seem to care more about a paycheck then they do about the world they are leaving behind for generations to come. If you are like me and looking for places to shop that won't damage our home, here are some brands that you should check out if you are in need of new clothes, shoes, jewlery, etc. and want to help the Earth instead of harm it.

  1. 1. TOMS

    Toms is an internationally famous brand that was founded by Blake Mycoskie when he was traveling through Argentina and saw the hardships that were faced by all of the children there who did not even have shoes. From there, Mycoskie set out to create TOMS (short for Tomorrow's Shoes), a shoe company that would give away a pair of shoes to someone in need with every pair sold. As of 2020, TOMS has given away nearly 100 million pairs of shoes and has expanded their giving to include donating $1 for every $3 the company makes. Other sections of this company include TOMS eyewear, which partnered with the Seva Foundation to assiste in providing medical treatments, sight-saving surgeries, and perscription eyeglasses to those in need, and TOMS Roasting Co, a coffee company that partnered with Water For People to bring sustainable water systems to communities without safe water. TOMS also features multiple vegan collections of their shoes and are currently working on making their shoes more sustainable and eco-friendly.

    You can read all about their sustainability commitments for 2020 on their website.

  2. 2. 4Ocean

    The idea for 4Ocean came to founders Alex and Andrew when they traveled to Bali in search of the perfect wave but found pounds of trash in the ocean instead. They asked a local why a popular surfing destination was not kept clean, only to be told that the oceans were just cleaned a few hours prior. They decided to hire local workers and boat captains to clean the ocean full time and created 4Ocean, where every bracelet sold removes a pound of trash from the ocean. They also use the remainder of the profits to make donations to ocean-related non profits, as they are a non-profit themselves. Their products are created from reusable materials and they expanded their shop to include apparel and drinkware as well. Another feature of their company is the Clean Ocean Club, wear you are sent a new bracelet every month, which equals another pound of trash removed from the ocean. As of 2020, they have removed over 8 million pounds of trash from the ocean, but they are just getting started. 

    Shop and read more about 4Ocean here.

  3. 3. Patagonia

    Patagonia is a very out-doorsy clothing brand that was founded to produce reliable and comfortable clothing for those who prefer to spend their days outside. Patagonia's philosophy is "100% for the planet" yet they have been open and honest about the things they are currently working on changing to make their brand even more eco-friendly. In 2016, they donated 10 million dollars to organizations working to save the planet and also have repair centers around the world to fix your clothes in order to lower their carbon footprint. By encouraging customers to repair the clothing they already own, they are fighting against fast fashion and possibly even loosing some money, all for the sake of leaving this planet better than we left it. 

    Shop or learn more about Patagonia and their activism here.

  4. 4. United by Blue

    Just like 4Ocean, United by Blue is a brand dedicated to removing trash from the ocean, but they have even more items to choose from. They sell everything, from clothing to accesories to home items for sustainable living, and they do it all with sustainable materials and ethical manufaturing, which they layout for you on their website. For every item purchased, one pound of trash is removed from the ocean. So far, they have removed over three million pounds. They also make their products to last, in order to reduce their carbon footprint and work against fast fashion - aka one of the worst things for the planet. They also have events where you can get in on the action and join in on a clean up, one location they use is Philadelphia. 

    You can learn all about their mission, products, clean ups, and shop on their website.

One of my goals for 2020 was to reduce my carbon footprint and really focus on saving the place we all call home. Companies like these make me a little more hopeful for the future and the world we will leave behind. So, next time you are looking to do some online shopping, consider checking out one of these companies, and save the world a little bit while you are at it!


HCXO, Maeve