Five Vibey Songs to Add to Your Playlist

Does your playlist need a revamp? I know I like to switch up my playlists every month or two in order to listen to fresh music! I hope you can check out some of the songs I list in this article and fall in love with them! Enjoy!

  1. 1. "Clueless" by Ellie Williams

    Ellie's song has very good beats and elements of jazz incorporated into it. The chorus is very catchy, and I love listening to her song while I am on an afternoon drive or working on assignments at my desk!

  2. 2. "Back to the Start" by KALI

    KALI's song reminds me of driving down the coast with the windows down in the summertime. The feel of the song starts off easy, and then the beat drops and it becomes very dancy. KALI's voice is very unique and soft, so it is very easy listening for any occasion when you need a "feel good" song.

  3. 3. "Parallel Parking" by Arden Jones

    Arden Jones is an up and coming artist. This song is less than two minutes in length, but it shows his style of music very well. It has elements of hip-hop and indie music. It is a song that reminds me of my youth and young love. You'll enjoy it!

  4. 4. "Falling Asleep At The Wheel" by Holly Humberstone

    Holly has such a soothing voice that molds well to whatever genre she sings. This song starts off soft and lyrical, but then the beat picks up. This is a great song choice if you're having a self-care night and need songs to relax to!

  5. 5. "I Just Wanna Be Loved" by JORDY

    I feel that a lot of people can relate to the central message of this song. In the end, we all just crave to be loved by another person. JORDY sings about his struggles with finding love and facing heartbreak along the way. This song would be classified as pop, but I love the upbeat feel of the song!

I hope you can listen to all of these songs and find at least one you really like! These are hard times we are all facing, so music can be a tool to uplift our spirits and add joy to our lives. Hopefully, one of these songs can do that for you!