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Finals Week Spirit Animal: The Grinch!

During Finals Week if I had to pick one movie character to relate to it would have to be the Grinch and here is why:

1. When you start rewarding yourself with food for every single tiny accomplishment:

If it's not food you're probably rewarding yourself with a soft drink (my biggest reward for myself is a medium iced coffee with mocha in it from Dunkin' Donuts). 

2. When you just want to go home but you still have finals to complete:

I wish we could start college a couple weeks earlier in the summer so that we could take finals before Thanksgiving Break and then just have off. To me, those few weeks between Thanksgiving and winter break are the absolute worst!

3. When you finally finish that huge final you have been working on:

It feels so good when you finally finish the project that has been causing your nightmares.

4. When you get on social media and notice all the people who are already on break:


5. When you wake up in the morning and realize it's finals week:

Can't we just go back to sleep?

6. When you feel yourself about to blow up after even the slightest inconvenience:

Just take a deep breath and count backwards from ten. Forcing yourself to walk away is cheaper than pitching your laptop across the room.

7. How it feels to submit all of your assignments:

It feels absolutely amazing to submit the assignments that have been torturing your soul. You're almost done, Collegiates! You can do this!

 8. When your friends invite you out to do something:

Just because it is finals week doesn't mean you can't find time to have fun - you need to always remember to take care of yourself (physically and mentally).

9. When your professor actually starts teaching something before he/she hands out the exams:

Just because there is a three hour time lot for us to take this exam does not mean we all actually want to take the whole time.

10. When you finally snap and lose it:

If you haven't snapped yet, prepare yourself because your time will probably be soon.

11. How it feels re-reading chapters out of your textbooks in an attempt to study:

When you've been studying for so long that you start mocking the text.

12. How it feels when you are trying to study and people around you won't shut up:

Remember, Marauders, if you live in the dorms or just with a roommate that is constantly loud, you can go to the Library to study but make sure to go to the silent floors or the study rooms.

13. When you are so busy that you actually have to schedule in your crying sessions:

Always remember the importance of taking care of yourself! It's okay to cry and have a melt down during finals week but you need to remember to pick yourself back up and keep going.

14. How is feels when you realize your finals are going to be over in a matter of days and then you can FINALLY go home for the holidays:

Good luck on your finals, Collegiates! 


*All photos courtesy of Pinterest and Giphy

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