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I think I can speak for everyone when I declare my exhaustion before my day is even over. Everyday we wake up early, attend a lengthy day of classes, attend organization meetings, go to our part-time jobs, do homework, and sometimes don’t get into bed until after midnight! (Not to mention trying to cram in meal times between all that.) It’s no wonder why we are constantly tired. 

We all have our ways of trying to cope. Some of us may hit the energy drinks from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, some of us may snack to keep our energy levels up, or some of us may crash and burn. Luckily for us, WebMD has compiled a list of 21 different ways to keep ourselves alert, focused, and energized throughout our hectic days.  It’s surprising how easy it can be to boost our energy.

1.) Spend just 10 minutes in sunshine. You will feel refreshed and Vitamin D from the sun’s rays will increase your seratonin levels leaving you feeling happier. 

2.) Ignore the escalators and elevators, take the stairs! Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD of the American Dietetic Association suggests that climbing stairs gets your heart pumping. A little circulation goes a long way.

3.) Drink some coffee. The caffeine is sure to boost your energy.

4.) Do a crossword puzzle. Take your mind off classes and work for a moment. Using your brain for a different kind of task can eliminate boredom and increase your energy.

5.) Stretch. Sitting in a desk chair all day will leave your muscles feeling stiff. Move around for a few minutes on your break or in bewteen classes. 

6.) Skip the smoothie stand and make your own. Gerbstadt says smoothies made at stands contain more sugar than your body needs. Here is Gerbstadt’s recipe for homemade smoothies: 8 ounces of skim milk or soy milk, a bit of fruit, and some crushed ice to thicken it up. Add fiber and some healthy fat with one or two tablespoons of wheat germ or ground flax seed.

7.) Imagine your favorite vacation destination. Taking a moment to fantasize about being in a pleasant place will leave you refreshed.

8.) Read poetry. WebMD suggests reading poetry will stimulate your brain and is short enough for you to squeeze in on a break.

9.) Take a walk. Taking a quick walk around campus or the parking lot will give you a much needed energy boost.

10.) Don’t snack from the vending machine. It’s so easy (and cheap) to scarf down a candy bar when you only have a few minutes to yourself. It probably won’t eliminate your hunger, however. Pack yourself a healthier snack from home to help you remain satisfied and alert.

11.) Write in a journal. Doing so will help you gather your thoughts and help you gain perspective.

12.) Laugh. Laughing gives you a break from stress and you will feel more energized. Check out the lastest funny YouTube videos on your break.

13.) Wash with cold water. Use cold water to wash your hands in the bathroom or even splash your face with it. The cold will immediately wake you up.

14.) Drink green tea. It’s full of antioxidants and has enough caffeine to energize you.

15.) Aromatherapy. Bath and Body Works sells fragrance rollers to apply to your wrists when you are feeling sleepy. The invigorating scents will awaken your senses.

16.) Try supplements. Drugstore offer herbal supplements you can take without a prescription that are proven to boost energy levels.

17.) Listen to music. Hearing your favorite song will perk you up and boost your mood.

18.) Have a bit of chocolate. It’s a mind stimulant!

19.) Organize your desk. A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind. Looking at too much chaos will stress you out and tire you out. 

20.) Don’t skip breakfast. Set aside just 10 minutes in your morning routine to eat some energy. A bowl of whole-grain cereal and a piece of fruit is enough to jumpstart your mind and body. If you’re not lasting through your morning, you probably aren’t eating breakfast. 

21.) Take deep breathes. You will give your mind a moment to rest and you will feel less stressed. 


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