Fall Must Haves for your Melanin Skin

Let’s face it; this summer has been torture for those of us with darker skin complexions. From the unevenness of our recent winter foundations, to the curly curls from August's humidity, summer has not been very nice to us. But with the recent fall-like nights and breezy afternoons, relief is on its way.

Here is a top seven list of fall essentials that every melanin collegiate diva should own this semester. Enjoy!

1. Bobbi Brown Black Velvet Lip: Black Maple, Black Raspberry

Bobbi Brown cosmetics has continued to exceed expectations for those of us who enjoy a bold lip or a smoky eye during the changing season. That is why the Velvet Lip collection by Bobbi Brown is perfect to add to your makeup kit this fall.  

2.  Forever 21: Quilted Faux Leather Jacket

For every fashionista on a budget, Forever 21 is for you this school year. Leather jackets are great for the fall especially when your hanging out with your BFF's.  However, if you’re bored with your plain leather black jacket from last fall, try a burgundy/reddish color to bring out the highlights of your skin tone.

3. Rose Wholesale Jewelry: Fashionable Women's Openwork Pure Color Ring

Rose Wholesale online store has been my go to place for jewelry for years. From thrifty bracelets, to dazzling earrings, RWJ is the place to get all things shiny at a reasonable price. This season, go for bright golds or sparkling silvers to make your fall collection complete.

4. Sephora “Make Up Forever”: Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation

Who doesn’t love a long lasting foundation? For those of us who have struggled during the summer to find the perfect match for your ever-changing complexion, look no further! Sephora has done it again and “Make Up Forever” is one of my top favs for fall. Its matte defining base is the perfect fix for when you plan on having a night out on the town and hitting the dance floor.  

5. Aldo: Taupe Handbag

A girl can never has too many handbags and what better way to kick off the semester by showing off your new toy. Luckily Aldo has your back with daily new arrivals and a great fall selection. For melanin ladies, ditch your dark orange and brown handbags and try a lighter color (yes light colors are in for fall). Taupe is just the right shade for you.   

6. O∙P∙I Nail Lacquer: Jade is the New Black

Jade is in this season and we are not shying away from bold colors and dramatic prints. If your anything like me, you tend to stay clear of anything different from your normal look. NOT THIS TIME! Ladies it’s time to step out of our comfort zones and what better way to do so then by trying a fabulous new nail color. 

7. ShoedazzleKarlene Cognac Boot

This wouldn’t be the top list for fall essentials without the presents of chic black boots to match. Whether you have an olive skin tone or more on the lighter side, every collegiate should have a pair of tall black boots for the fall. Looking for something different? Shoedazzle has just about every style of boot you could dream of. Go for it!

No matter what your style, height, or skin pigment is the start of the fall season is yours to own. Try bright colors, different patterns and make-up trends. You can’t go wrong with fashion! Have fun with your wardrobe this fall but most importantly, EMBRACE YOUR MELANIN!