Fall Fashion Look Book

It's official, pumpkin spice latte lovers: Fall is BACK! The weather is finally reaching that crisp autumn temperature and leaves are beginning to change. With the cooler weather coming through, we figured we would show you some of our favorite fall outfits and share some tips for fashion this season!

First up: casual outfits

Can you tell we love jeans?? Whether they are skinny or baggy, high waisted or regular, we think jeans are the perfect pants for fall. They match with everything and there are so many fun styles!


Sweaters and flannels are our go-to article of clothing for the fall. Not only does it give some extra warmth for those chilly days, but they also can add a pop of color and a little extra cuteness to jeans and a shirt.

Hannah here! I am a BIG fan of graphic tees. Cute little doodles and quotes are my thing. Graphic tees are a great way to add a little spunk to an outfit. Almost every store has a few, and don’t be afraid to wander into the men’s section! I’ve picked up some awesome shirts from the men’s section in stores before. Hint: Check out Old Navy, Target, and WalMart!

Lexie here! I am a big fan of adding scarves to any fall outfit! Scarves help to keep you warm, but also help to make an outfit seem more dressy and put together! Investing in a chunky white or tan sweater will be well worth it, and it will go well with so many different outfits!

For our second look, we focused on a more dressed-up theme, in case you've got an interview or professional dinner to go to!


Sweater dresses are such a staple piece for the fall time. For the days when you want to be a little warmer, try wearing it with jeans and a jacket! I am really into the camo trend right now, so I wore this loose camo jacket over top to give it an edgier vibe. Pair any jean and sweater outfit with a pair of booties, they help make the outfit look more dressy as well.

Its Hannah again! I am in love with flowy pants this year. They look super cute and are incredibly comfortable. It really is the best of both worlds! Pick out a shirt that matches, grab a light jacket or cardigan, and you’re ready to roll!




We hope you enjoyed our fall lookbook! Be sure to tag @hercampusmillersville in any of your favorite fall fashion outfit pics on Instagram for the chance to be reposted! We love seeing all the awesome kinds of looks people create. Have a fun and fashionable fall! <3



Hannah and Lexie

*All photos taken by Jonathan Leicht.

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