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Everything You Need to Know About the FAFSA Changes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Millersville chapter.

I have some pretty fantastic news about 2017-18 FAFSA, collegiettes!

Remember how annoying it was to have to sit around and wait to apply for the application? Well, now the wait has been reduced! Instead of having to wait for January 1st, now you can apply on October 1st!*

*This does not apply for the 2016-17 application.

Personally, the most annoying part about FAFSA was having to go in and update the application after filing taxes because then you had to re-send in the information to your school. They recognized the flaw in this and fixed this issue too! Now you will use earlier income information. As in, the earlier tax year!

Everything else about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the same as it was last time you applied. Still though, you might have some questions, which can be answered on FAFSA’s FAQ page.

Ready to apply? Make sure you have all the necessary documents:

  • Your social security number

  • Your parents’ social security numbers (if you’re listed as a dependent student)

  • Your driver’s license number (if you have one)

  • If you’re not a U.S citizen then you will need your Alien Registration number

  • Federal Tax information

  • Records of untaxed income

  • And other information on bank accounts, cash, investments, etc.

(Note: You can have your tax information imported from the IRS into the application!)

Don’t know if you’re a Dependent or Independent Student? The FAFSA website will take you through step-by-step questions for you to figure out whether you are Dependent or Independent. 

I know FAFSA can sometimes be stressful, but if you go are prepared with all the necessary documents, start early, and take your time with the application, you will realize applying for FAFSA is a lot easier than you imagined!


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