Everyday Necessities to Add to Your Holiday Wish List

So, it’s that time of the year, you go home for Thanksgiving break and your family is already asking what you want for the upcoming holidays, but you can’t seem to think of anything you necessarily need. We’ve all been there... all year long you see things in stores and you’re like I need that, or I want that, but when it’s time to make a list you suddenly have no ideas. Here are some basic but ideal and necessary items to inspire and add to your 2018 holiday wish list!

Pop sockets

Perfect for shooting the perfect selfie or for propping up your phone for YouTube videos.

Wireless headphones

If you’re tired of the long cord that seems to always be tangled up no matter how many times you unwind them, the wireless headphones are the new and improved way to go. 

Face masks

The stress of life can sometimes be overwhelming, face masks are the go-to to unwind and relax after a long day.

Fuzzy socks

What girl doesn't love fuzzy socks? Add these to your list to keep your toes warm all winter long!


Although not allowed in dorm rooms, candles make the perfect gift for rooms back home to lighten up during the holiday breaks. 

Waterproof speakers

It’s no secret most of us put on a performance in the shower, so add one of these to your list to properly jam out to your favorite songs while showering.

Portable Charger

Great for vacations, or just the days you’re on the go and you’re phone’s running low.

All images courtesy of Google Images