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Event of the Week: Made in Millersville 2017

It’s the time of year again Made in Millersville (MiM) is an annual event, which showcases student’s work at Millersville University. I had the pleasure of interviewing the Made in Millersville Conference Proceedings Journal interns about MiM.

The four interns, Maria Glotfelter, Lauren Ostopowicz, Alexandra Attinger, and Sophia Emmi, all had wonderful things to say about MiM. Maria Glotfelter states, “MIM is all about displaying MU student scholarship. I think it’s great that the conference caters to all disciplines and majors.”  Any Millersville student can participate in MiM. Professors are also allowed to present an entire class’ work at MiM with the students present.

When asked what the Made in Millersville Conference Proceedings Journal was, the interns stated, “Made in Millersville Conference Proceedings Journal (MIMCPJ) in an online, peer reviewed journal that captures the essence of Made in Millersville.  In the past, after Made in Millersville happened, there was no formal documentation of what the students worked so hard for; therefore, the journal was created to document what the authors presented at the conference.”

Each of the interns has a specific role in the journal. Maria Glotfelter’s role is Editor-In-Chief; she mainly contributes by reviewing and editing all the drafts before they are given to Sophia to be uploaded to the website. Lauren Ostopowicz is the liaison and a primary editor of MIMCPJ. Alexandra Attinger is the public relations representative for MIMCPJ. She works to create strategies to contact authors initially, raise student and faculty awareness of MIMCPJ, and bring a larger audience to the conference through social media. Sophia Emmi is the graphic designer of MIMCPJ. She designed a brand new website that is user friendly and professional. She uploads student materials to the website and is the technology expert.

Students who presented at Made in Millersville are eligible to be published through MIMCPJ. Each work submitted will go through a series of revisions from the interns before Sophia publishes it. Once published, the student’s work will be posted on social media via twitter on the Made in Millersville Conference Proceedings Journal’s page.

To learn more about Made in Millersville and the Made in Millersville Conference Proceedings Journal, follow @mimcpj and @MUlibrary, and look for the hashtag #madeinMU17, as MIMCPJ will be taking over the twitter page during the event!

More information can be found here and here.

*All images courtesy of Millersville University and MIMCPJ

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