Easy, Cheap and Fabulous

Do you ever go out to the mall or the outlets and you pick something up that you really like, and you get excited to wear that scarf or give that special gift to your friend…but then you look at the price? Yes, I think it’s safe to say that we've all fallen in love with something that we just can’t afford. We are college students and we like cheap! What we don’t realize is that it’s easy to make something that you really like all by ourselves. 


Leg Warmers

Why does a piece a fabric that only covers the bottom half of our legs need to be so expensive? Do it yourself! Take that old pair of leggings that you no longer like or that don’t fit and simply cut them to the length you wish, depending on your fall/winter boots. Leave a little more room to make sure you didn't cut them too far, and BAM...your own pair of homemade leg warmers!


Infinity Scarf

I don’t know about you but I hate having to buy a tiny piece of fabric that only covers your neck for $20-$30. But, winter is upon us and we need to stay warm, right? Get an old shirt that you don’t wear anymore or get a regular t-shirt for $1 at Goodwill and cut the very top off. Then, start to cut strips halfway through the shirt. Once that is done, start to pull the cut strips to even it out. Finally, put your new creation around your neck and look adorable!


Last Minute Gift

As college students we don’t have the time or the money to go out and find a gift for your best friend’s birthday or if one of your girlfriends had a bad day. Making gifts not only shows you care but it will not hurt your bank account! Go to a Dollar General or a Michael’s Craft Store and buy these things for $5-$10. Pick your letter: your friend’s first or last initial, something that has to do with an inside joke, etc. Then, it’s time to bedazzle! Glue sequins or glitter to the letter or anything else you want to personalize your gift. In 10 minutes or less you have a gift that all your other friends wish they had thought of. 


So go around your room and find your own DIY project. Your new favorite piece of clothing could already be sitting in your closet!