DIY Mermaid Halloween Makeup

What you’ll need to create this look:

  1. A pair of fishnet stockings

  2. Any type of sponge or eyeshadow applicator

  3. Any palette with colorful eyeshadows, such as blue or purple

*Optional: Makeup setting spray, to intensify the colors

        4. Highlighter, to add extra mermaid-like shimmer

        5. Hair pins or clips

Step One: Stretch the fishnets over your face

This technique will essentially create the ‘stencil’ for your mermaid scales. I find that it works best if you cut off a piece of the stockings, pin it to your hair, and pull it taut; however, you can also place your head in the large opening of the tights and pull it over your whole face-- this works especially well if you want to continue to wear them afterwards.


*Pro tip* - Stretch the tights farther for larger scales, and keep them looser for smaller scales.

Step Two: Prep your applicator

Spray your sponge or eyeshadow applicator with setting spray to intensify the pigmentation of the eyeshadow and make your gorgeous, glistening scales stand out! It will also keep them from smudging and help them last the entire night! Feel free to try out any type of sponge (maybe a sea sponge!) I chose to use a makeup wedge, but a porous sponge would add more realistic texture to the look of the scales.


*Pro tip* - If you do not own any setting spray, you can use water to amplify the shadows.

Step Three: Choose and apply your eyeshadow(s)!


I chose oceanic teal, deep purple, and hot pink for my scales. The great thing about this look however, is that you can choose any color combo you want! A sheerer eyeshadow would achieve more of a subtle look or black and orange to really show off that Halloween spirit. Ultimately, it’s up to you! For best results, let your creativity shimmer and shine! Then, apply each color in separate sections straight onto the tights.

*Pro tip* - Blending is essential to achieve the gradient transition of colors. For a flawless ombre, overlap the lighter color over the darker one just a bit to blur the lines between harsh colors.


Step Four: Remove the fishnet and reveal your design!

Now you are almost ready to go out for the night! Once you have taken a good look in the mirror, blend the edges of the scales into your skin color. This will make it look more realistic.


*Pro tip* - With the same brush, apply highlighter overtop the scales for added sun kissed iridescence.


Step Five: Enhance the Rest of the Face


Highlight your nose, cheekbones, and cupid’s bow above the lip. Contour your cheeks with a dark color to deepen the hallows of the face and create a dramatic fantasy look. Feel free to try a vivid non-traditional color, as it will open more possibilities to customize your own type of mermaid color scheme!


That’s it! You’re done!



HCXO, Nathalie