Disney+ Is Here!

At this point, I’m sure you’ve all heard about Disney+. The streaming service was released this past Tuesday, and it has gained a lot of attention. I’m a huge Disney geek; I grew up taking trips to Disney World, watching my collection of Disney VHS tapes, and pretending to be Hannah Montana. Like most Disney fans, I was ecstatic when Disney announced its new streaming service. One place to find all of Disney’s movies and TV shows is a dream come true, so I thought I would tell you exactly what you can find on Disney+.  

  1. 1. Your Favorite Princess Movies

    Everyone loves a good princess movie! Today, before going to class, my roommate and I watched Frozen, singing along to every song.  

  2. 2. Marvel Movies

    Disney+ features both live-action movies from Marvel Studios and TV shows from Marvel Animation.  

  3. 3. Star Wars

    In order to prepare for the newest Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker, you can binge all of the Star Wars movies or watch Disney+’s original Star Wars TV show, The Mandalorian.  

  4. 4. Your Favorite Disney Channel Throwbacks

    Disney+ has all of your favorite Disney Channel throwbacks! It has live-action shows like Hannah Montana and Boy Meets World, cartoons like DuckTales and Kim Possible, and Disney Channel original movies like High School Musical and Halloweentown.

  5. 5. National Geographic Shows and Documentaries

    Disney+ features National Geographic’s shows and documentaries in addition to a new Jeff Goldblum show that is exclusive to Disney+.  

  6. 6. Pixar

    Disney+ has all of the classic Pixar movies as well as all of the cute Pixar shorts that you forgot about!  

  7. 7. The Simpsons

    The Simpson family has spent years making fun of Disney, but since The Simpsons is now Disney property, you can find 30 seasons of The Simpsons and The Simpsons Movie.  

  8. 8. Classic Disney Cartoons

    With Disney+, you can watch all of Walt Disney’s classic cartoons.  

  9. 9. The Muppets

    Disney+ has both old and new Muppet movies, and it also has the Muppet TV show from 2015.  

  10. 10. And So Much More!

    There are even more movies and TV shows that you will be able to find on Disney+, including Disney+ originals, and they plan to add more!  

I hope you love Disney+ as much as I do!!!!

HCXO, Riley