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College as Told by Harry Potter

We all know college is hard – it’s like an insane emotional rollercoaster that you have to ride every day. As students, it’s not abnormal for us to go from being happy to having a complete melt down in .05 seconds. We love it, but we also hate it. I found Harry Potter to be the best way to describe how we’re all feeling.

1. When you’re in the library studying and someone you barely knows sits down to hold a conversation with you
I’m sorry but do I know you? Can you see I’m working on something? No? Okay, cool. . .

2. When you go home on the weekends and your parents make you food

The best part is when they make enough food for you to take leftovers back to school with you!

3. When one of your group members begin to slack off

Forget your part one more time and we are going to have an issue. 

4. When you have a test in front of you and cannot recall a single thing that you studied

What are words? Did we even learn this? #dontcry

5. When all of your assignments are due on the same day

Take a deep breath and organize! Lists are saviors!

6. When that annoying person won’t stop talking in class

Do you have one of those students in your class? You know, the ones where when they open their mouth you feel a deep anger boil inside of you?

7. When you forget to do your homework and can’t find it in yourself to actually care 

Better luck next time!

8. When someone speaks to you when you’re obviously reading something 

Yes, let me just stop everything that I’m doing to listen to you speak about something that I truly care about. Lovely, please don’t stop talking.

9. When nothing is going right

When nothing goes right part of you wants to throw things and curl in a ball, crying hysterically. 

10. When you completely screw up an assignment

When you completely screw up an assignment and all you can do is tell yourself that it could have gone worse. 

11. When you realized you had daydreamed for half the class and have no clue what is going on

What happened to the time? What have I missed? 

12. When people are walking insanely slow in front of you  
If you’re going to walk like a sloth, don’t take up the entire sidewalk!

13. When deep down you’re having a melt down but you smile anyway

Just pretend that you know what you are doing. It makes everything seem a little better.

14. When your roommate brings people you don’t know into your apartment 

What is this craziness? I thought we didn’t have a lot of friends?

15. When it’s the last day of the weekend and you try to relax but the stress of Monday is already creeping in

Let’s be honest, sometimes Sundays feel like I’m trying to hold onto a withering piece of hope. 

16. When you’re in the library and people won’t stop talking in the quiet room

Don’t make me escort you out of here – if you want to be in the quiet room, you must shut your trap.

17. That look you give your classmate when the professor assigns a huge assignment


18. When the school changes how many holidays you have or how long your summer is

What do you mean we have to be in school on President’s Day? What about Easter? We deserve a break for Easter! 

19. When someone hugs you that you don’t like

Oh, is this what we’re doing now? Okay. . . 

20. When you wish you were home

Lately, I’m always wishing I was home. This feeling especially creeps up when I’m trying to sleep at night or realizing that I have to make my own food. I wouldn’t really call it homesickness, per se, but I have to admit – I’d rather be home than here any day. 

If you feel this way, just count down the days till the weekend. If you are unlucky and cannot go home on the weekends, count down until Spring Break (13 days!). 

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