College: As Told by Disney/Pixar

College is rough and let's be honest, sometimes you can't help but wish you were younger again. When you were young you never had to worry about adulthood - you could just curl up in your Snuggie on the couch and watch your favorite Disney or Pixar movie over and over again until you fell asleep with popcorn still in your hand. 

A lot of college students say, "Oh you can't watch those movies anymore! You're an adult!" Are you kidding me? First of all, don't tell me what I can and cannot watch! Secondly, I'm going to do whatever makes me happy. These are the movies I turn to when I can't handle life anymore. When the week is too much to handle and I feel like I'm drowning in homework, I pop in a Disney or Pixar movie and immediately feel a little better. I can relate to a lot of aspects in these movies, especially their facial expressions. Here are a few that will hopefully make you laugh:

1. When you’ve had a rough week and your roommate asks if you want to get Dunkin Donuts

Is there a size XXL iced coffee? Because I need one.

2. When you have to wake up for those killer 8 ams

3. When all the lack of sleep, stress and feelings of failure become too much

Let the tear-fest begin.

4. Trying to pay attention and stay awake during a 3 hour class

5. When someone sits in your unassigned “assigned” seat

6. When the weekend comes and you’ve officially given up and pretend everything's okay

7. When your school never closes, even when the sidewalks are iced over

8. Looking at the board in horror

"I understand nothing!"


9. When you question whether or not campus food is even edible

"Does this pizza taste like dirt to you?"

10. When you only have 10 minutes to get from one class to the other (and it’s on the other side of campus!)

11. How it feels when you get your refund

12. Teaching the freshmen how life in college works

13. When you get your exam back and you did better than you anticipated

14. When you get your exam back and you did worse than you expected

15. Introducing your friends to your organization/hobbies

16. Your professors during midterms/finals

17. When you see that person in your class that you wish you could talk to

18. When you feel like you’ve finally accomplished something

19. “Yes! I will be responsible and get all my work done! Motivation time!” . . . 10 minutes later. . .

20. When you finally find your squad

The struggle is real, collegiettes, but hang in there! All this stress will be worth it in the end!