ClutchPrep: The Lifesaving Tool That Will Get You Through All Your Gen Ed's

Whether we like it or not, every college student has to find someway to get through gen-ed’s. Biology, math, chemistry, physics, economics… if you’re like me, your stomach reacts to these subjects the same way it does to spoiled milk. Luckily, the team at Clutch Prep has your back!

Clutch Prep was founded with the mission to help students succeed in their classes. With over 15 subjects, and over 14.500 practice problems, students who have used Clutch Prep saw 90% better grades overall.

Straight from Clutch Prep’s own lead tutor in chemistry, Jules, here's why you should use this amazing new resource for students!

In your own words, what is ClutchPrep?

Clutchprep is an academic startup that tries to help students excel in their academic studies by presenting complex ideas into easy to follow and understand video tutorials.

Why should students use it?

If students find that they don’t have the time, patience or instruction to fully comprehend their lecture topics they should give us a try. If students want information given to them in an informative, but still approachable way they should visit our site.

Why is it better than other platforms?

Like many other platforms we have an abundance of content on our site, but unlike them, we curtail that information to cover exactly what the student needs to know to do well. Through the help of our on-campus ambassadors and students with a desire to learn we modify our lessons based on a student’s lecture and professor.

What else do you want students to know about ClutchPrep?

ClutchPrep isn’t simply a tutoring site. It is a leap forward in terms of academic instruction and learning. We provide handcrafted lessons accompanied with video tutorials, we have online tutors that can answer additional questions you may have from lecture or lab, we even create blog posts that either further break down academic content or provide information like what are the steps needed to go to a post-undergraduate program.