The Cheesiest Christmas Movies to Watch This Season

If you’re anything like me, you long for the time of year where the Hallmark channel runs Christmas movies 24/7. Although they’re corny and pretty easy to predict, they’re lovable and filled with so much Christmas spirit. If you’re a fan of Hallmark Christmas, keep scrolling to find some other equally corny Christmas movies! 


Holiday Engagement

This has to be one of my favorites. Hillary gets dumped by her fiancé right before Thanksgiving. Rather than telling her family this news, she hires someone to play the role of her fiance throughout the holidays. Naturally, they fall in love and live happily ever after.


The Spirit of Christmas

Lawyer Kate is sent to buy an inn that is supposedly haunted by a Christmas spirit. When she discovers this to be true, she makes it her own holiday mission to help him move on to the after-life. But of course, she falls in love with him first.


Holiday in Handcuffs

Although similar to Holiday Engagement, this movie is still great. Trudie must bring home a man for the holidays, so she kidnaps one (who happens to be played by Mario Lopez!!) and brings him home for the holidays. I’m sure you can guess what happens.


12 Dates of Christmas

Kate is desperate to find love and embarks on a blind date. However, it goes terribly wrong. She spends the next 12 days reliving the same day (and date) over again until she finally gets it right!


Christmas Inheritance                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           This one is new somewhat new to Netflix, and it is positively cheesy! Before Ellen can inherit her father’s business, she must return to the small town where it all started, disguised as a nobody. While trying to blend in, she *obviously* falls in love with the town dream boat, but he falls in love with her disguised self! Surprise, surprise! They live happily ever after

Have fun binging everyone! 





All images courtesy of google.