Cheap Ways to Nail Your Mean Girls Costume

If you're in a bind this halloween and need a cheap and easy halloween costume, you've come to the right place. These costumes are so fetch!


1. Regina George – plastics

For this classic plastics look, you can check out your nearest consignment shop! You can also probably find these simple items already in your wardrobe!


Start with a black mini skirt. Add a white tee – with or without graphics – and add to it a cardigan (preferably pink). You’re now an official plastic. If you’re feeling particularly extra, feel free to grab a cup of coffee and a wristlet!


2. Regina George – post bus

If you don’t already have a pink dress in your closet, this is what consignment shops are made for (or you could try Sears). Check out pinterest for some easy ways to DIY a post-bus-crash brace and embellish it with flowers!


3. Damion

If you don’t even go here, this costume is perfect. Grab a hoodie and some shades. Pull those strings nice and tight so your face looks all weird. There ya go.


4. Karen the mouse

This is Halloween classic – deconstructed animals. Grab a black dress or even a large black tee. Get your classic mouse ears at any costume store or dollar store. Act a little ditzy and now you’re Karen the mouse – duh!


5. Any of the plastics

If you’re in a real time crunch, just throw on a crap ton of pink and go with it!


All images courtesy of Pinterest