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Celebrating Accomplishments During a Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has been going on longer than I think any of us expected. We’re learning to live life in a new norm while trying to accomplish the same things we were this time last year. For me, I think it was easier to get things done in the beginning of the pandemic because I had hope that it would be over soon (at least by the next semester). As time goes on I feel less and less motivated to do any school work or work in general. Chores are being left undone, homework assignments are only completed for the deadline, and no information is being retained. On the other hand, I’m also trying to recognize all of my accomplishments for being completed but also for being completed in a world consumed by the pandemic. 

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I think one of the biggest struggles about celebrating accomplisments right now is the fact that there is so much sorrow and pain in the world. I almost feel guilty for celebrating small achievements while thousands of people are getting sick and dying from Covid-19. I’ve done a lot this year; I’ve completed one of the most crucial semesters in my college career completely online, I’ve passed a certification exam that will benefit my future, I’ve been (virtually) intiated into an honors society for professionals in technology, and most importantly, I’m graduating college. I deserve to celebrate all of these accomplishments, and you deserve to celebrate any of your accomplishments from this year too. 

While the world may be serious and scary right now, it’s important to remember to celebrate yourself and all that you’ve been able to do. Not only have you been able to complete goals in your life, but you’ve been able to do so while it feels like the world is falling apart. Despite the odds and despite the world, you’re still moving forward and you’re still getting stuff done. I think that’s amazing. I’ve been learning to take a step back and realize how much I’ve done over the past year no matter the circumstances. Who knows if I would have been able to accomplish the same things without the pandemic.

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When you’re feeling down about the world and how it feels like everything has paused, step back and look at what actually happened. Everything that you have been able to do deserves a celebration. Its so important to appreciate yourself for all that you’re capable to do. Even if you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted to, look at the circumstances that might have inhibited those from being achieved. Go easy on yourself, not everyone had to finish their degree during a pandemic. Remember that you’re not the only one who feels this way either. No matter what you’ve been able to accomplish since March, I want you to celebrate them and be proud of yourself.

HCXO, Jenna

Jenna Case

Millersville '20

Hello! I'm Jenna, I am an Applied Engineering major from Harrisburg, PA. I love to spend time with my family, and write! In my free time, I can usually be found watching Netflix or bullet journaling. For more about me, you can follow me on my Instagram @jennaccase
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