Cary Sanchez '16

Born in Brooklyn, New York but raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Cary Sanchez is a social work major. Fun fact: she has been in a relationship since December 23rd!  And the one thing she wants to cross off her bucket list? Riding in a hot air balloon!

R: Why did you choose social work as your major?

C: I chose that major because I love helping anyone that is in need.

R: Are you involved on campus?

C: Yes, I have a job on campus. I work as a program assistant at Houdini and I am also the Vice President of Color of Teaching, which is an organization on campus.

R: What made you get interested in those jobs?

C: I became interested in becoming a program assistant because I’m a very creative person. I was involved in Color of Teaching since my sophomore year in high school so I decided to continue once I got to Millersville.

R: What do you like about the campus?

C: I like the different varieties of courses that are available and I also like all the resources that are available to students.

Cary is 18 years old and plans to graduate in 2016. Her future goals in her life is to graduate college, have a great marriage, have a family, and change lives as a social worker.