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Break Through Your Mental Block

If you are like me, you thrive off of scenery changes, communication, and support to be successful. Throughout quarantine, I have felt myself falling deeper and deeper into a mental block. During this mental block, I needed ways to get back to my hobbies and passions with a fresh mindset. I have been determined to break through this block, and here are five things I have been doing that might help you!

  1. 1. Meditation


    I really enjoy meditation because it allows me to stop and breathe. When I feel blocked, it is easy for me to become overwhelmed and upset. Mindfulness meditation is something you can do every day to reset your thoughts. There are countless YouTube videos that offer guidance.

  2. 2. Fresh Air

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    Now that it is getting warmer outside, I have been taking walks with my family whenever possible. Whether you get outside with others or yourself, fresh air is one of the best things. This clears my head more than anything!

  3. 3. Talk About It

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    Know that you are not alone! I hope this article can assure you that you are not the only person feeling unmotivated and blocked. It is completely okay to feel the way you do. This is a crazy time, everyone copes differently. Find that one person you can trust and give them a call. I guarantee you will find that others around you feel similarly.


  4. 4. Write It Down

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    Journaling is a powerful tool that offers constant reflection. When I feel unproductive, I take it as an opportunity to ask myself questions such as “What can I do better tomorrow?” or “What am I learning about myself?” Reflection helps navigate my emotions and power through. When I understand my feelings a little better, I can work harder to accomplish what I need to with the proper coping mechanisms.

  5. 5. Look Forward

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    This is way easier said than done. But good things are coming. No matter how big or small, I can find something to look forward to that keeps me going. I look forward by admitting to myself that I am upset, then accepting it. Once I accept this, I can look forward to the future. When I can see good things coming, it helps me do my best to be the person I want to be.


Hopefully these tips can help you feel "unstuck," remeber there are brighter days on the horizon. 


HCXO, Taylor