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Boo! You’ve Been Ghosted

If you’re not in a relationship or just recently single, you are now experiencing what dating is like in 2016. It won’t take you long to realize that it 100% sucks. Dating in this generation isn’t like previous ones. Now, it’s so easy to hide behind a screen instead of confronting or actually talking to someone in person. With all the social media there is today and dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and others, it’s extremely easy just to block or delete someone. So welcome to the wonderful world of millennial dating, where it’s highly likely that you will be ghosted.

Ghosting is when someone that you have been talking to, hanging out with, or hooking up with, just decides to stop talking to you. They go silent as if they were a ghost who just completely disappeared from your life. Everything will seem to be going well and then out of nowhere that person who seemed to matter to you at the moment just stops answering you or texting you. They might even be so bold as to block you from their social media accounts as well.

Then you are the one sitting there with all of these questions like “Why?” “What did I do?” “I can’t believe *insert name* did this.” You will contemplate everything that you said leading up to the moment they fell silent. You might even think that you are the stupid one and should have known better. But, you’re not stupid, you didn’t do anything wrong, and you shouldn’t feel bad about some jerk who didn’t have the decency to tell you he just didn’t want to “whatever” anymore. You don’t deserve someone who only texts you when they are bored, after midnight, or someone who doesn’t respond to your messages. You deserve so much more than a cowardly ghost.

Most people have been ghosted by someone at least once and some girls might even be guilty of ghosting some guys from time to time. Elite Daily even has a column called “Boom, Ghosted” about different stories that girls have sent in with screenshots of their last messages before being ghosted. So remember you’re not alone, things will get better and good luck dating in this messed up, hookup culture we’re living in.


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