The Best TV Shows to Go Back and Rewatch

We all go through those periods of time where we've finished the show we were watching and all of the other shows we're into are finished or on hiatus, and suddenly we can't find a single new show that we're interested in. I personally love going back and rewatching old shows because it's so fun to find yourself falling back in love with characters or catching small jokes and foreshadowing that you didn't notice the first time. I recently found myself back in one of those situations, where I had finished all of my shows and couldn't get into anything new, so here are some of my favorite shows to go back and watch again when I find myself in those times!

1. Teen Wolf

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Teen Wolf is one of my absolute favorites. While the first two seasons can be a little tough to get through (for me, at least, simply because I know that the acting gets so much better after), I always love going back and laughing at Stiles' jokes or Derek's attitude. When this show ended it was heartbreaking for me, but I love that I can watch it online whenever I feel the need to go back.

2. Parks and Recreation

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Parks and Rec is the kind of show I love watching when I want something light and funny. Each character is totally loveable and every single episode is funny. If you need a good laugh, this is the show to watch! (P.S.: my favorite episode is 'Flu Season.' It cracks me up every time!) 

3. Pretty Little Liars

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This show is so insanely long and twisted that it's easy to get caught up in again, no matter how many times you've seen it! There's always drama and there are always villains, so if a good dramatic girl's night is needed, this is the perfect show.

4. The Great British Baking Show

sue season 4 GIF by PBS

If you haven't watched this show, you need to. It's the purest, sweetest, most delicious addiction on Netflix. The bakers are constantly struggling with their bakes but also helping each other, which is so nice to watch because so many competition shows today have people who all hate each other. In this one, the contestants are all friends and all want to help and support each other, and it is truly a breath of fresh air.

5. Friends

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This one may seem obvious, but it's always good! Since there are so many seasons and episodes, it isn't hard to go through and find an episode that you don't remember very well and reacquaint yourself with it. Or, you could go back and find an episode you love, or just start from the beginning! You do you!

Take some time for yourself and relax while watching your favorite shows! Let us know what your faves are!

HCXO, Lola

*All images courtesy of Giphy,com