Bernie Endorsed Biden: What Happens Now?

This week, former Vice President Joe Biden secured two important endorsements: Senator Bernie Sanders and former President Barack Obama. Obama’s endorsement is not much of a surprise - he was going to endorse whoever won the Democratic nomination. Biden isn’t officially the nominee yet, but Obama endorsed him because he is the only Democrat left in the race. Unlike Obama, no one expected Sanders to endorse Biden. The 2016 election was a different case; despite knowing Clinton would be the Democratic nominee, Sanders waited months before giving her his official endorsement. Sanders’ reluctance to endorse Clinton made it seem as though he didn’t really like her, so many of his supporters didn’t vote, letting Trump win the election.

This election needs to be different, and Sanders knows that. If Democrats are going to beat Trump, everyone needs to vote. Saying “Bernie or Bust” is just going to let Trump win again. I understand that people may not like Biden - he was definitely not my first choice for the nominee, but we all need to unite and support him if we want to win this election. If you don’t like the way the government is handling this pandemic, you can change who is in charge. On election day, it is crucial that you go out to the polls and share your voice!


HCXO, Riley